Let the war begin… {Drabble/Backstory. PoV: Axosiel.}

There they go again… Fucking idiots never shut up….
Axosiel slid against the wall, listening to his sibling’s argument. “You’re childish, why the hell do you think you deserve to be the head of the family?!” “Because I don’t act like a pissy toddler when I don’t get what I want!” He rolled his eyes at their idiocy, casually ignoring the footsteps behind him. “Axosiel, your father wants you.” A gentle yet firm voice said behind him suddenly, making him jump slightly in surprise. “…Fine. What does he want…” Axosiel muttered, walking away from the maid towards the library. Their family was respected, and usually did their best to get great views in the underworld. Of course, they somehow had gotten demons of multiple sins in the family, since the father had developed a harem over time with the maids. There was his older brother, one of gluttony, his middle sister, one of sloth, younger brother, greed, his younger sister, of envy, and his older sister, of lust (which has caused her to be a favorite among the others, especially the males.) He was of Wrath, and even though a select few of them had gotten a incubus mother, he was one of the few in the house which had gotten traits of one, much to his dismay. Being the middle child always never suited him, especially with the others arguing constantly, since it drove him right up the wall… Dangerous with him, especially since he was a slight introvert in his social life, and liked practicing his inherited powers. Axosiel stopped at the large pair of doors, hesitantly pushing them open. “Good evening, father. I was notified you called for me?” He asked, hearing his father still. A tall figure rose, and he had walked towards his favorite son calmly. “Son… I noticed, you do not argue like the others… You seem fit to take over, in my eyes, not wanting anything but to keep to your studies. You shall be the head of the household, understand?” A deep voice rumbled through the air, slightly quiet but powerful. Of course, Axosiel had gotten Wrath from his father, who ironically remained calm, unless angered. With a stone face, he nodded, knowing that something would come up between him and his siblings. “Now, I want you to keep practicing, since I know you will need great power to survive, and to control your siblings. I shall see you at dinner.” He was told, and marched out of the room again. A sigh filled with anger escaped him, knowing well he wouldn’t be able to follow the small dream of exploration because of his written destiny. “Well well, looks like our brother is the big man now?” He heard a slightly younger voice say, with quiet jeering from a older voice. Of course, his brothers already knew. “Heh… I know you don’t like that, don’t you… Tell me, bro, what would I have to do to get that title of yours…” Axosiel heard his younger brother ask, already knowing what would happen. Something bad. “Shut the hell up, you know damn well he’ll give me the position, and if he doesn’t I’ll just kill and eat you!” The older threatened, sparking a argument quickly. As they squabbled against each other, Axosiel took this chance and ran for the hall door, turning into a wolf and going faster. “He’s getting away!” He heard one of them exclaim, as he pushed the doors open and jumped up the stairs. Pushing the door open to his room, he changed back and shut it as quietly and quickly as he could, locking it. He glanced out the window, knowing that they’d kill for the position. Grabbing a sheet of paper and a pen, Axosiel scribbled a note down, saying how he didn’t want the power, and would rather live amongst the humans. Hearing them start to claw at the door, the older one turning into his animal and bashing at it, he glanced at the cracked window, knowing it couldn’t open. Concentrating, he slowly turned to smoke, and drifted through said cracks and floated to the ground, turning back and running tiredly towards one of the many buildings he could stay at. Knowing well that humans liked making deals with his kind, he waited, and waited, until a ritual was performed. A family had called him, trading their child’s soul in return for their eldest’s life. The little girl had nearly black, long hair, and green eyes, full of life, despite the hardship they had seen. She was only 3… Sighing, his 12 year old self drifted through the pentagram, and signed the contract, watching bored as the baby cried from the burning feeling in her eyes. They changed to a bright yellow, filled with fear as they stared at the figure of the demon. “You seem like a nice puppet… What’s her name?” Axosiel asked the parents with a slight smirk as the older sister formed again, lying on the floor unconscious but alive. “Her name is Fira… Enjoy her. She may be a brat, but will serve quiet well. Her mind is weak.” The mother said, looking almost sadly at her younger child before looking at the teenager happily. Her real little girl was back… Not some copy. “Huh… Well, you will have to care for her, until she is old enough… Then, I shall claim her.” Axosiel commanded, concentrating again and going into the small child’s mind. It wriggled and squirmed in pain, crying as it’s eyes turned one of brown, pain.
You seem a bit nice… Serve me well, and I’ll make sure to keep you alive, forever maybe… You’re mine.