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Memories of sorrow. Gimme a scary one.

Tw: rape. Yes Fira nearly had that happen to her. ((I know it seems harsh but thats the reality of the world…))
Another vision happened when she bumped into the anon… Getting shoved into a wall, Fira tried to run, knowing how this would play out. Kneeing him in the balls again, she tried to run. Once again getting tripped, she looked up at the man, who was apparently drunk. Knowing what would happen, Fira grabbed her dagger, stabbing his shoulder and trying to wiggle out of his grasp. Again, she nearly bled out as she was stabbed in the lower abdomen, and again she watched them get picked up by claws. Simons claws. Once again she woke up on the floor, but the grey face was long gone. “Fucking weird things are going on…” She muttered, pulling on her clothes to cover herself more, sweating from her nervousness as she covered up her fears.

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Memories of sorrow.

When Fira bumped into the grey man, one common nowadays, she wasn’t expecting to live through s memory again… Voices… She felt something wet in her arms and she opened her eyes to see her best friend… Covered in blood. “No… No no no not again… No please don’t make me live this once again!” She panicked, seeing Rosa’s sky blue eyes fill with sorrow and hatred. “You… Monster…” Once again Fira heard her friends final words, the fact that she’d done this to her made it more easy to hate herself. “…R-Rosa?” She asked, shaking the corpse slightly with a look of terror. “Please… Don’t abandon me… Don’t leave me with the monsters!” Again, she clutched the body close to her, crying as she cradled her passed on friend. Maybe she’d live this time. Blood was everywhere… Gasping, Fira’s eyes widened. Her and the grey face was on the floor. Looking up at her, the anon scrambled to their feet, stuttering out the word “monster” before running off in terror. “Fuck… Guessing they saw it too…”

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"Tell me, what did I do to deserve this...? *being born and trying to take my place* JUST SHUT UP! ... just shut up... please... I didn't want any of this...*it'll keep happening till one or both of us is destroyed...*"

Fira sighed, her eyes turning a pale red, almost grey. “No one asks for this sort of thing… But, it just happens… And it hurts, I get it…” She looked sad, relating to the tip of the ice berg how he felt. It’s scary sometimes, hearing a sudden voice in your head that you never invented, or dealt with before.